6 Outdoor Furniture Styles for Spring-Summer Entertaining

6 Outdoor Furniture Styles for Spring-Summer Entertaining

As we head into spring, dining outside once again becomes possible. The right décor plays a key role in creating ambience for your outdoor events. Spring get-togethers offer the first chance to banish winter, while summer events are just the perfect excuse to relax. Consider different styles of patio furniture to set the tone you want for your entertaining in the warmer months. Whether you have leisurely lunchtime gatherings or enchanted evenings with friends, it all starts with choosing the perfect style of patio furniture.

Modern Style Outdoor Furniture

The Peaks Dining collection offers premium options for modern outdoor furniture. The Peaks Dining Arm Chair (in black, grey, white and taupe) and Peaks Dining Side Chair (in black or grey) feature clean, minimalistic lines, inset with warm teak accents.

Add a Double Butterfly Extension Table to create a complete Peaks modern outdoor dining set.  For small gatherings and large, Peaks offers sleek, sophisticated design to create a contemporary look for every outdoor space. 

Eclectic ‘Mix and Match’ Style Outdoor Furniture

Taking a mix and match approach to furniture styles and materials will create an eclectic outdoor dining experience. For instance, contrasting styles of head chairs, such as the Lodge, Cabin, Bay, or Belmont outdoor dining table armchairs is one easy way to accent your dining set. Pieces made from recycled teak, like the Peaks Recycled Teak Outdoor Dining Table (oval or rectangular) or Teak Bench add naturalism, as well as a touch of the eclectic. Peaks patio furniture offers a range of styles to work with, personalizing the look of your garden dining set in a way that reflects your unique taste.


Natural Looking Outdoor Furniture

Naturalistic patio furniture starts with pieces made from teak. To bring a relaxed feel to your outdoor dining space consider the Jasper Dining Arm Chair and Stream Dining Table. Teak has many qualities that make it an ideal material for patio furniture that is durable and stylish. The hardest wood teak naturally can withstand  water, rot, and insects. The golden-brown color of teak furniture gives it a warm patina, that will age into a stunning silver patina. Teak  is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Teak can have minimal maintenance if you choose to let your teak age naturally, and will  last for decades.


Transitional Style Outdoor Furniture

A transitional outdoor dining space offers the ultimate in flexibility for your everyday dining experience. Furniture using modern aluminum finishes combined with traditional woven resin offers this stylish functionality. The Davenport Dining Arm Chair and Croquet Dining Table create this look, while offering indoor-outdoor versatility. For both pieces, the use of aluminum frames ensures an aura of sleek, modernity. Incorporated into this is woven resin, ensuring echoes of warmth and tradition.


Casual Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor entertaining feels best when it's casual. Spring and summer are a time to relax. The Cabin Club Chair in contemporary whitewash wicker brings a chill and easygoing look to your outdoor event. When gathered around a 52-inch Teak Chat Height Table (also available at a 43-inch size, for smaller gatherings), the Cabin Club Chair (in beach wash and black) invites intimate warm weather dining/lounging  and good times with friends.

This look is a crossover where you can both dine and lounge with the table at chat height 27” you are able to use the comfort of full size lounge chairs for comfort—summertime and the living is easy.


Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Furniture

The Modern Farmhouse look has an enduring popularity as an outdoor decorative style. To create this rustic but contemporary look for your outside spaces, consider the use of grey or whitewash teak furniture from the Peaks Dining collection. You can combine rusticism and naturalism on your patio with Welland Dining Arm Chairs and a Recycled Teak Outdoor Dining Table (oval or rectangular). You can also showcase the sophistication of your outdoor event with the Teak Bench and Belmont Dining Arm Chairs (in white or kubu grey). Embrace the Modern Farmhouse look for graceful, relaxing and fun warm weather entertaining.


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