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A Casualife Guide to Planters

A Casualife Guide to Planters

With summer fast approaching the time to start planning your patio greenery is now! Here at Casualife we pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of planters and faux plants, sure to meet all your patio needs.

Read on to explore our go to planter options, new arrivals and more!


Our large High Box planters with 5ft cedar trees are our go to combo to add privacy to a space. This pairing measures approximately 7ft tall, which is achieved by an ingenious hidden shelf inside the planter.  By utilizing greenery, this combination will liven up your patio, whilst subtly shielding you from onlookers.

Casualife Planter - High Box Rectangular - Black

Statement Planters

The simplistic elegancy of a single large planter is hard to beat!

 When too many small planters are mixed together you risk a cluttered appearance. Going for a solo large scale planter create a more sophisticated and thoughtful atmosphere. Try flanking your entrance way or lounge area with two 24” Cube Planters and Cedar Balls for a striking look!

Casualife Planter - Cube - Light Grey

Layering Planters

Layering Planters is a great way to provide more visual interest to your space. Try contrasting different sizes and shapes to create a unique focal point.  Below we paired our 31” Tall Balloon Planter with our 37” and 29” Low Balloon Planters for a show stopping result!

Tall Balloon - Light Grey / Low Balloon - Light Grey

Faux Greenery

Taking care of real greenery can be tedious and time consuming. Here at Casualife we carry an extensive range of faux greenery so you can enjoy your backyard hassle free. Our Faux greenery are UV resistant so you can leave them out all summer long!

 From Boho to Traditional, we have options to fit any aesthetic. Below we have included a few of our most popular faux plants.

Faux Sansevieria / Boxwood Ball / 17”/ 20” Cedar Balls

Boxwood Tree / 5’ Faux Cedar / Faux Large Agave

Introducing Our NEW Jar Planters

Our new High and Low Jar planters are perfect for making a statement! The two sizes paired together create a cohesive look while providing an interesting contrast. The Jar Planters are available in Antique Rust and Antique Black.

Introducing Our NEW Antique White Finish

We are excited to announce we are now offering another colour option for our Pod and Grand Bowl Planters! Our Antique White planters are ideal for tying together areas with teak, taupe or white finishes for a light and airy look.

Potting Real Greenery

If you are planning on planting real greenery, remember to include a drainage layer the bottom! This can consist of rocks, brick pieces or even bits of Styrofoam. Adding this base level ensures proper drainage, and thus the health of your plants and planters alike.

Without this layer, water may accumulate due to compact soil or overgrown roots.  During the winter time this moisture can freeze, causing your planter to crack.

View our wide selection of planters online or visit our Lakeshore and Markham Showrooms.