Chalet Dining Chair - Taupe Rope


D 23" W 25" BH 30" (18"SH/27"AH)

Finish: Taupe Rope on Teak Frame

 Grade A Teak is the most durable wood for exterior use. We recommend letting your teak grey naturally for that timeless classic look. Natural teak can absorb moisture and may develop cracks as it expands and contracts with hot and cold temperatures. UV will patina your teak to a silver/grey within months to a year depending on it’s UV exposure creating that rustic teak look loved by many.

CLEANING: Most stains can be easily removed by dabbing the stain with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. You can use bleach on Rope fabric if necessary.  Please note oil based stains are hard to remove.

Store inside during Winter months.