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The Vibrant World of Sunbrella Fabrics

The Vibrant World of Sunbrella Fabrics

Sunbrella is the industry leader in high performance outdoor fabric. With UV resistance, water repellant Scotch Guard coating, and highly cleanable technology, Sunbrella fabric is made to withstand the test of time.

Using 100% solution dyed acrylic, Sunbrella’s revolutionary designs will elevate any outdoor space. Casualife offers a five-year warranty against fading because we are that confident in Sunbrella’s premium quality!

Here at Casualife, we have incorporated Sunbrella throughout our product range. Read on to learn about the unique ways we use Sunbrella fabric in our outdoor furniture offerings! 

Our Sunbrella Fabric Selections for Outdoor Furniture Styling 

For our upholstery products, we have over 150 Sunbrella fabrics to choose from! Our pricing system starts at a level 1 Sunbrella Fabric. Level 1 fabrics are our default offering.  Included in the price of our furniture, Casualife offer a wide selection of excellent Sunbrella basics. As you upgrade to more elevated levels, the range of Sunbrella fabrics includes more interesting textures and complex patterns. With such a large variety on offer, we are sure we have the perfect Sunbrella fabric for you! 

Whether custom made or our standard offering, all our upholstery products are manufactured locally, guaranteeing a quick turnaround time on all custom orders.

Select Sunbrella Fabric Swatches

Sunbrella RAIN Fabric for Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Style

If you are looking from hassle free cushions, our RAIN collection is for you.

These Sunbrella fabrics are water proof! Some water can enter through the seams, so there is mesh ventilation paneling on the cushion bottom to allow any water to flow through. This is a great option if you are looking to leave your cushions uncovered. We currently offer three Sunbrella RAIN fabrics, pictured below.  

Echo Ash RAIN / Huntington Fog RAIN / Canvas Coal RAIN

Our Standard Sunbrella Cushion Range for Your Patio and Outdoor Furniture

We understand that great cushions that  last a long time are the key to a functional and inviting outdoor space. That’s why all our standard furniture cushions are custom made just for you. Our knowledgeable and design-oriented sales associates will assist you in finding the ideal Sunbrella fabric to fit both your aesthetic and practical needs.

Here at Casualife, we pride ourselves on fast turnarounds.  Your brand-new cushions will be ready in just two weeks!

Our Drift Lounge Furniture Collection in Sunbrella’s Canvas Coal Fabric 

Think Sunbrella Custom-Made Cushions to Update Your Outdoor Space 

Are you looking to revamp your outdoor space without breaking the bank? Want to give your patio furniture a new life? Why not replace your existing cushions with our custom-made alternatives, fully personalized to your exact specifications? Here at Casualife, we can create brand-new cushions of any size or shape you need!

New custom-made cushions with Sunbrella fabrics can breathe new life into your outdoor areas

We recommend using your original cushions as templates as this ensures the most accurate results.  We also can use dimensions provided by you to manufacture new cushions. You are welcome to bring your cushions into our showrooms for measurement, or do it yourself at home using the diagram below. 

We will provide you with a custom quote within 24 hours of receiving your dimensions or existing template cushions. Our lead time for our custom cushions is only four weeks!

Use this diagram to get accurate measurements for your custom cushions!

Custom-made Cushion Covers are an Easy Way to Give Your Outdoor Space a New Look 

If your existing cushions are still in great shape but you are growing tired of the same old look, we can always use your existing foam and create new outers only! This process will be 20% less expensive than if we were to create brand new cushions. A custom quote can be ready within 24 hours, and turn around time on your new cushion covers is only four weeks!

Custom Sunbrella Benches, Coffee Tables and Fabric Cubes for Your Outdoor Space

In recent years, we have worked tirelessly to create innovative fabric-based products that will steal the show in any backyard!  Upholstered in your choice of Sunbrella fabric, our custom benches, fabric cubes and coffee tables are both stylish and functional.  Choose Casualife’s stylings using Sunbrella fabrics to bring a long-lasting pop of vibrant colour to your outdoors areas and patios!

A 64” x 17” Fabric Dining Bench in Casualife’s Exclusive Sunbrella Fabric, Auburn Graphite

Our 20” Fabric Cubes in Casualife’s Exclusive Sunbrella Fabric, Instant Charcoal

Two 50” x 28” Rectangular Fabric Coffee Tables in Sunbrella’s Canvas Coal RAIN Fabric

Our 36” Ø Round Coffee Table in Sunbrella’s Spectrum Carbon Fabric

The Casualife Exclusive Sunbrella Fabric Range

We have partnered with Sunbrella to bring our customers 41 Casualife Exclusive Fabrics! Curated by our team of design specialists, these distinctive Sunbrella designs offer something for everyone. From pillows to fabric cubes or even full upholstery options, the possibilities for incorporating our Exclusive Sunbrella Fabrics into your patio or outdoor area stylings are endless!

Check out our Sunbrella Exclusive Fabrics that you can’t find anywhere else!

Patio and Outdoor Area Umbrellas

Due to a proven durability and stylishness,  use Sunbrella Fabric for the majority of our umbrella canopies. Our umbrella canopies are available in a select assortment of Sunbrella Fabrics, which will surely compliment any outdoor space. The 99.9% UV protection will give you piece of mind, so all you need to do is enjoy the relief from the heat your Sunbrella canopy gives you!

13 ft Octagonal AKZ Umbrella with a Sunbrella Canvas Coal canopy