14 Must Have Outdoor Furniture Pieces and Accents for Your Poolside Oasis

14 Must Have Outdoor Furniture Pieces and Accents for Your Poolside Oasis

Creating the perfect poolside oasis can seem like a daunting task. Here at Casualife, we strive to make this process as stress free as possible.  From chaises perfect for basking in the sun, to daybeds ideal for escaping the heat, we’ve got it all.  Read on to learn about the poolside pieces we are loving this summer!

Outdoor Furniture Options for Your Poolside Lounge

1. The Dune Chaise

Our Dune Chaise offers the perfect compromise between the comfort of a cushion and the functionality of a fast drying sling.  The Dune’s innovative design features a sling with built in foam padding, a 304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel frame and Grade A Teak arm insets. Ever adept to your patio needs, the Dune Chaise is fitted with hidden wheels! OA stylish outdoor furniture option, our Dune Chaise is available in black, charcoal and sand sling.

Outdoor Poolside Stylings: The Dune Chaise in Black Sling and Octagonal Market Umbrella

Get Shade for your outdoor furniture with our 7ft SQ or 9ft Octagonal Market Umbrella

Our 7ft SQ or 9ft Octagonal Market Umbrellas offer the perfect amount of shade for two chaise loungers. Check out our range of in-stock Sunbrella fabric canopy options!

2. The Riviera Double Chaise

What’s better than one chaise for outdoor lounging? A double chaise! The elegant Riviera Double Chaise offers a spacious lounging experience, perfect to share with a friend. This chaise is available in black and grey resin weaves.

Double the fun: The Riviera Double Chaise, available in a range of Sunbrella fabric options.

3. The Shade Daybed

Our Shade Daybed is an outdoor furniture show stopper! The Shade’s luxurious design features a cushioned bed that is  8 ft wide. Whether using it for your own personal poolside escape or a gathering place for the whole family, the Shade Daybed will be a constantly enjoyed fixture in your backyard or outdoor area. This item is available in both Kubu Mushroom and Black Mushroom finishes.

Luxurious lounging furniture: The Shade Daybed, available in a Kuba Mushroom and Black Mushroom finishes.

4. The Cloud Daybed

The Cloud Daybed offers an alternative lounge solution for your outdoor area, without the bulkiness of traditional daybeds. Featuring a low-profile and rounded design and retractable shade canopy, the Cloud Daybed is perfect for spending sunny days by the pool! This item is available in black and white woven resin frames with your choice of Sunbrella fabric.

Outdoor patio elegance: The Cloud Daybed, choose black or white woven resin, with Sunbrella fabric options.

5. Rain Fabric

With people constantly going between taking a dip and sunbathing poolside, your outdoor furniture cushions will inevitably get wet…

Echo Ash RAIN / Huntington Fog RAIN / Canvas Coal RAIN

Our Sunbrella RAIN Fabrics are a perfect water-resistant alternative! With a rubber backing, the fabric itself is waterproof. Some water may enter through the seams; however, the mesh bottom allows it to flow right through. Since all of our cushions are custom, you can upgrade any and all of your cushions to the water-resistant RAIN fabric! We currently have three RAIN options for your outdoor furniture, as pictured above.

Occasional Pool Side Seating

6. The Bean Bag Pool Float

Our Bean Bag Floater is perfect for the whole family.  Not only does it provide a unique seating alternative, this Bean Bag is also a durable pool floater—for years of summer fun to come! Made in Canada, this multi–functional outdoor furniture piece utilizes 100% recycled polystyrene beads and honey comb fabric that allows water to flow right through!

Versatile outdoor patio seating: The Beanbag Floater works in the pool or poolside!

7. The Jasper Easy Chair

The Jasper Easy Chair offers a sophisticated solution for occasional outdoor seating, perfect for poolside chats! The unique seat design creates a comfort filled experience, with the practicality of fast drying sling.  The Jasper Easy Chair is available in black and white aluminum, along with a teak frame option.

Occasional seating for the pool or patio: The Jasper Easy Chair, comes in black or white aluminum or a teak frame option.

8. The Relax Chair

Our Relax Chair brings together the comfort of woven resin with the durability of Grade A Teak.  Available in black, whitewash, natural and grey weaves, there is a Relax Chair to match any aesthetic and outdoor patio ensemble!

Outdoor comfort with style: The Relax Chair, comes in black, whitewash, natural and grey weaves.

9. The Low Back Chair

If you love the fully aluminum look, we have the poolside seating for you! Our Low Back Chair offers a subtle modern touch, perfect to complement all your poolside furniture. Aluminum is a non-rustable material, so there is virtually no maintenance for these outdoor pieces. The Low Back Chair is available in black, grey and dove finishes.

Low maintenance outdoor seating: The Low Back Chair, comes in black, grey and dove finishes.

Pool Side Accents

Accents are a great way to tie your poolside furniture into a cohesive design. Our Tall Box Lanterns are ideal for flanking your pool, to create an elegant and refined look. You can also try filling bare outdoor areas with a cluster of lanterns, planters—or both! Our options in lanterns and planters are available in black or grey.

Outdoor furniture accents: our lanterns and planters come in black or grey.

10. Serenade Dekko Fire Pits

These are an eye-catching addition to any pool or outside area! These glamorous accent pieces are available in ash and charcoal finishes. We also carry both natural gas and propane models.

Outdoor fire features bring the heat for cooler evening outdoor entertaining.

Go-To Pool Side Accessories

11. The Woven Floating Pool Tray

Enjoy your choice of refreshing beverage without leaving the comfort of your pool! These trays are available in both rectangular and round models, in white or black weaves.

Floating furniture accents: The Woven Floating Pool Tray in white or black.

12. The Kooduu LED Bluetooth Rechargeable Lantern/Speaker

From ambient lighting for a late night swim to blasting your favorite tunes during your next pool party, our Kooduu Lantern is a summer must have! Its portable design and 10 hours of playtime make this item ideal for creating a perfect poolside atmosphere. This lantern is available in cream, green or mauve silicone bases.

Outdoor light and sound combined: The Kooduu Lantern in cream, green or mauve.

13. The Pendleton Spa Towel

After a dip in the pool there is no better feeling than warming up with our luxurious Pendleton Spa Towels! We offer six of their signature vibrant patterns, perfect for summertime.

14. Woven Resin Pots

These are perfect for convenient and stylish storage of these unique accent pieces!

Outdoor entertaining accents: The Pendleton Spa Towel and Woven Resin Pot.

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You Need Fire: A Quick Guide to Fire Pits

You Need Fire: A Quick Guide to Fire Pits

As backyards have evolved incredibly over the last 5-10 years we are now treating them with just as much time and detail as we do our interior spaces.

Backyards now include many different elements and the most common additions are water and FIRE! Both of these elements add a layer of relaxation, zen, luxury and indulgence. 

Make your backyard your own luxury getaway — whether you have a water feature or not, fire pits can transform your space into an experience.

Read on to learn more about inspiring layouts, materials, shapes and sizes in our fire pits guide.

Outdoor Fire Pit Layouts That Transform Your Space

Make a statement with a fire pit focal point. Whether you are inside or outside, at a marvelous event or just taking in the view, fire pits can be used to create drama, a feature, a feeling! They do not always need to be in a setting, rather they can be stand-alone art.

For example, pictured below see how fire pits flanking a pool create a sense of drama, or line a pathway to light your way and instill a feeling of tranquility.

Creating an intimate setting for yourself or gatherings of loved ones only gets better when you add fire.

Fire creates a gathering place, a destination that is so inviting and warming on those cool nights. Who can resist? You have to gather round.

Alea Fire Pit

Sonoma Fire Pit

Types of Fire Pits

Fire pits are available in 3 different options — natural gas, propane and wood — and it is important to take the below tips into consideration before you go out and buy one.

Natural gas and propane fire pits are most common in cities, where wood burning fire pits are prohibited. 

Natural gas fire pits are ideal, but to do this a natural gas line must be run to your desired area underground and by a certified gas installer. Keep in mind that you need to budget for the cost of this gas line. A gas line can start around $1000 and can go upwards by the thousands depending on how far this gas line is required to run. If you are in the beginning phase of a backyard reno it is best to work that gas line into your plans so it can be executed without disruption.

If your outdoor space is done then you need to decide — am I willing to dig up my stone or pavers to add in this line? Will it affect the look and finish of my space? If on a deck, do you have access underneath and can the gas line be run to my desired area? If adding a gas line is too disruptive to your space then propane is for you!

Propane fire pits keep things simple and flexible. With propane your fire pit will be completely movable should you wish to change its location and it is a more budget friendly option, avoiding the need to run a gas line.

The compromise to selecting propane would be the following. With our low modern style fire pits there is no room to accommodate a propane tank in its body, and you also would not want to pick up this fire pit to access a propane tank. As a result, you must store the tank outside of the fire pit, exposing the propane line that will run from your fire pit to your desired tank location.

The tank could be tucked behind your sofa, or even better, hidden under one of our dual use propane covers/side tables. Please find a high and low option below — they are attractive as well as functional. Keep in mind that a standard supplied propane hose is 12 feet in length, so you will want to ensure that suits your space.

If you are considering a natural gas or propane fire pit for a covered area, such as a backyard patio, you need to ensure that you have a full 8 feet of safety clearance from the top of the fire pit to the covering above to meet code.

Propane fire pits come in a range of stunning shapes and sizes. For example, our stunning Dekko concrete fire pits are available in the following standard forms:

Square: This shape is great for smaller urban areas like city backyards. Clean in lines and design, this is a crisp option for a small sectional and 4 club chairs.

Alea Fire Pit

Round: Perfect in any setting, allowing for easy movement and circular conversation, this shape is great for seating 2 to 8 people, all depending on your level of desired coziness.

Belmont Fire Pit

Rectangular: The classic fire pit shape, it maximizes entertaining space and works in standard to oversized areas.

Avera Fire Pit 60" or 48"

Lastly and lets not forget the old classic wood burning fire pits! Stunning in rural areas with space to burn.

Asia Fire Pit

We carry a beautiful line of handmade Coreten steel wood burning fire pits. Coreten steel will stand up against heat long term, and it has a gorgeous rust patina finish creating an urban industrial but still warm look. 

Our Asia wood burning fire pit is low and close to the ground, providing a full view of the fire in a very clean and contemporary way.

Finally, our scallop fire pit is a favorite. This gentle soothing design compliments any landscape either by the water or far away. Enjoy the rust patina exterior of this Corten Steel fire pit for a lifetime.

Scallop Fire Pit

With Casualife’s space planning services we are happy to assist in determining what shape and size of fire pit is just right for you and your favourite outdoor area. Plus, all of our Dekko fire pits are handmade here in Ontario.

For grand and unique spaces the possibilities are endless. Please contact us today to learn more about our custom program to design a fire feature exclusively for you!

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8 Ways You Can Use Planters to Make Your Outdoor Space Luxurious

8 Ways You Can Use Planters to Make Your Outdoor Space Luxurious

Planters for your outdoor space are like artwork on your walls, or that object on your coffee table. And just like your indoor space, it is important to add those additional touches — warm up your space, make it feel inviting, lush and even cozy. These finishing touches are what will set your space apart from others, creating that next-level luxury feel.

There are many reasons for using planters, and every outdoor space can use a planter or two to enhance the look and feel.

Enhance an entryway with flanking pots and dramatic plantings

Create interest in an otherwise boring throughway or long exposed fence with a series of the same pot

Odd numbers are best!

Use pots to enhance pillars or structural elements, layering in elements of 3


Edges and corners of large hardscape areas are the perfect place to land an eye catching arrangement

They bring the space in and soften those harsh corners, add visual interest and just feel good!

Using oversized tall rectangular planters you can create interest on an otherwise boring wall

You can also use them to create privacy from a neighboring yard.

Planters can be used to break up a space creating several spaces in one

These low rectangular planters do a very nice job, not imposing on sightlines but have enough presence creating warmth and a transition into another area of the deck or patio.

Create a focal point using pots

If you have large open areas that feels dismal or vacant, and it doesn’t make any sense to furnish that space, you can create a focal point with a cluster of well-situated oversized pots.

Looking for guidance on planning your outdoor space? Our team of Toronto outdoor furniture specialists are available to assist you, and can provide a design consultation tailored to your needs.

We are here to help! You can reach us directly at both our Markham and Mississauga showroom outdoor furniture stores.

To stay up to date with the latest Casualife news, promotions and design tips, subscribe to our newsletter.

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