8 Ways You Can Use Planters to Make Your Outdoor Space Luxurious

8 Ways You Can Use Planters to Make Your Outdoor Space Luxurious

Planters for your outdoor space are like artwork on your walls, or that object on your coffee table. And just like your indoor space, it is important to add those additional touches — warm up your space, make it feel inviting, lush and even cozy. These finishing touches are what will set your space apart from others, creating that next-level luxury feel.

There are many reasons for using planters, and every outdoor space can use a planter or two to enhance the look and feel.

Enhance an entryway with flanking pots and dramatic plantings

Create interest in an otherwise boring throughway or long exposed fence with a series of the same pot

Odd numbers are best!

Use pots to enhance pillars or structural elements, layering in elements of 3


Edges and corners of large hardscape areas are the perfect place to land an eye catching arrangement

They bring the space in and soften those harsh corners, add visual interest and just feel good!

Using oversized tall rectangular planters you can create interest on an otherwise boring wall

You can also use them to create privacy from a neighboring yard.

Planters can be used to break up a space creating several spaces in one

These low rectangular planters do a very nice job, not imposing on sightlines but have enough presence creating warmth and a transition into another area of the deck or patio.

Create a focal point using pots

If you have large open areas that feels dismal or vacant, and it doesn’t make any sense to furnish that space, you can create a focal point with a cluster of well-situated oversized pots.

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