How To Clean And Care For Your Outdoor Furniture This Patio Season

How To Clean And Care For Your Outdoor Furniture This Patio Season

Whether you are about to open your patio for spring or you are thinking of purchasing new furniture this year, read on to learn about the different materials that are available for your outdoor space, what to expect and how you need to care for them.

How to clean stainless steel patio furniture

All of our stainless steel furniture is 304 grade, this is the strongest metal against corrosion/rust.  Please note surface rust and pitting can occur: this will happen with more exposure to humid temperatures, chlorine and salt.  To minimize this we suggest the following cleaning routine at both the beginning and end of the patio season.

Clean your stainless steel with a non-abrasive cloth, water and a mild soap (such as Dawn dish soap), rinse and dry.  Apply a thin coat of mineral oil over the entire surface of the frame and wipe off the excess with a clean microfiber cloth.  If rust/pitting occurs, use a Scotch-Brite pad and CLR cream cleaner. Move the pad with muscle in the same direction of the steel, then rinse extremely well with water and apply mineral oil.  For scratches use a Scotch-Brite pad and mineral oil, rubbing in the direction of the grain.

How to clean teak outdoor furniture

Teak used in Casualife furniture is grade A.  Teak is the most durable wood for exteriors and is a natural material that will absorb moisture, show scratches and develop hairline cracks as it expands and contracts.  Teak will naturally begin to “grey” or patina, due to UV exposure, within months to a full year. We recommend keeping your teak in its natural state for minimal maintenance and enjoy that weathered patina look that is so classic for teak.

For regular cleaning, use water or water and dish soap.  Leave your teak exposed over the winter months to avoid trapping moisture and growth of mold and mildew.  To remove mold and mildew use a mixture of bleach and water. Lightweight sandpaper can also be used to remove stains and scratches, however, this can re-expose the natural teak.

Note: Our painted recycled teak products should be cleaned with dish soap and water only, using a non-abrasive cloth.  Loss of paint constitutes normal wear and tear, and can happen at any time, exposing the natural teak underneath that will patina with time. 

How to clean woven resin and paint finish furniture

All of our woven resin is made from high-density polyethylene.  They have been extensively tested to stand up to UV as well as our hot and cold Canadian climate.   Our resins will not crack or absorb moisture and will experience very minimal fading in their lifetime.  Structurally, our frames are made from high-density tubular aluminum. All paint finishes have been powder coated for exterior use.

To clean both your painted aluminum and woven furniture, use nothing more than a non-abrasive cloth, water and a mild detergent (such as Dawn dish soap).  Using any type of chemical or cleaner will void your warranty and can negatively affect your finishes. Use a hose to rinse off any dirt or soap, and absolutely do not power-wash.

How to care for concrete side tables and coffee tables

Our concrete accent tables are made of a traditional silicate base, mixed with polymer and fiber to strengthen and lighten it. This product is to be stored inside seasonally and should not be exposed to freezing temperatures. Cover whenever possible.  Hairline cracks are normal due to expansion and contraction. Wash with dish soap and water.

How to clean and care for Dekko fire pits

Composed of a lightweight concrete composite, Dekko fire pits are made to withstand the elements year-round.  Please use the vinyl cover provided to keep debris and dirt out of your burner (only do this once your pit has cooled).  To clean the shell of your Dekko fire pit use a wet cloth or magic eraser using a bit of vinegar or dish soap. You can also sand scuffs and scratches when needed, the colour is all the way through the concrete. 

It is important to know that, prior to regular use, it is strongly advised to cure the river rock. This is a one-time routine: remove any cracked rocks, move surrounding furniture and then ignite the fire pit for a minimum of 1 hour. Any rocks that have moisture/hairlines cracks will crack or pop at this time.

How to care for Treasure Garden umbrellas

All of our Treasure Garden AKZ cantilever umbrellas are made with aluminum frames.  Umbrellas should always be kept closed when not in use or when unattended.  Please ensure that when using your umbrella that it has been opened completely so the frame is in its most stable state.  Please ensure your AKZ has no tilt applied from side to side prior to opening it and closing it. Never force your umbrella.  For Canopy umbrellas, please see Sunbrella fabric care.

How to clean Sunbrella fabric

Cushions and Canopies are recommended to be spot cleaned.  Always start with a non-abrasive dry cloth to remove soil as it may be topical.  If that does not work, next use water or water and Dawn dish soap. Be sure to rinse well with water to avoid soap rings.  If cushions are fully saturated, tilt the cushion up with the zipper side down for drainage, and place in the full sun to dry. For stains please see the Sunbrella Stain Chart for guidance.

With a bit of care and maintenance, you can make your outdoor furniture really last, so you and your family can continue to enjoy it year after year. If you have any questions about how to care for your patio furniture, do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Casualife, the Toronto outdoor furniture specialists. You can reach us directly via phone or email at both our Markham and Mississauga showroom stores.